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Thought leadership through sustainable communication

About the Case

The Swedish automotive brand Volvo approached us with their desire to link the brand more strongly with the topic of e-mobility. It quickly became clear that the strategic goals required more than just a campaign.

Volvo sees itself as part of the problem - to be part of the solution, Volvo wants to drive new ways of mobility and change their public perception for the better. Today, tomorrow, and beyond. The focus is by no means on brand and models – but on information and education. An idea that not only appealed to us from the very first moment but seemed necessary.


Many companies are currently facing the challenge of addressing sustainability issues in an authentic way – which may include admitting that they themselves have been part of the problem for decades. That's why it was important to position Volvo not just as another producer of electric vehicles, but as a thought leader in this field.

Another challenge was to create a concept for the relaunch of the Volvo eZone to provide informative content in an appealing way for different target groups and to serve the diverse levels of knowledge individually.


Topics like climate change and alternative drives seem to lie far in the future. That's why we've made it our mission to bring the future closer and make this great unknown more approachable.

The idea expresses many things – from urgency to optimism. "Morgen kommt sicher" (Tomorrow is coming for sure) is a digital campaign that shows the concerns and wishes of various Austrians with different approaches to the topic. Authentic, accessible, and unscripted. The short film was realized together with MXR Productions. Various video cuts lead to the Volvo eZone, where questions, prejudices, and uncertainties about electromobility can be interactively experienced. Thanks to the close cooperation with the Federal Association of Electromobility Austria, the local reference does not miss out either. The stories were created by Dialogium based on our content strategy.


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A living project

The Volvo eZone is designed as a living project and is constantly evolving. Today, tomorrow and beyond. In a second phase, the focus lies on the expansion of interaction possibilities and the creation of innovative formats with a gamification approach.

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