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With a focus on strategy and creativity, we create individual communication concepts - and achieve outstanding results. Regardless of the discipline. As a lead agency, we think of communication holistically.

Analysis & Strategy

Digital Strategy

Strategic planning for content distribution to achieve optimal performance across all digital channels.

Creative Strategy

Definition of a creative direction and core message based on target group-relevant insights - as a springboard for creative implementation.

Customer Experience

Holistic assessment and strategic planning of multiple touchpoints within the customer journey - on and offline.

Content Strategy

Strategic planning for the creation and dissemination of relevant content related to the company's objectives, as well as their synergy.

Communication Strategy

Definition of messages - and when, how and with whom the company/brand enters into dialogue to achieve company-wide communication goals.

From customer journey to creative strategy: We analyze the status quo, identify goals and needs, and define a stringent strategic direction from there. Together, we reach the right goal.

Branding & Communication


Definition and utilisation of the most efficient channels for specific campaign activities to achieve maximum ROAS.

Social Media

Planning and creation of user-centric, value-added content published on various social media channels based on a content strategy.

Content Creation

Planning and creation of multimedia content - from text & image to photo production to audio or film production - on and offline.

Creative Concept

Translation of the strategy into an overarching, target-oriented creative idea for all campaign activities along the entire user journey - on and offline.

Claim & Slogan

Elaboration of a long-term applicable brand or product claim, building on the defined brand strategy and tonality.

Packaging Design

Graphic design of product packaging connecting informational and marketing aspects in consideration of legal requirements and guidelines.

Verbal Branding

Elaboration of a verbal identity: Creation of a consistent brand tonality, core messages or a textual concept.

Visual Branding

Elaboration of a visual identity: Creation of a visual brand world as well as other branding elements in consideration of aesthetic aspects.

Logo Design

Creation of a trademark (word mark, figurative mark, word/figurative mark)in consideration of brand strategy and objectives.


Creation of a brand name in consideration of brand strategy and objectives, which describes an organization, a product, product portfolio or a service.

From logo design to creative campaign: We identify insights, bring brands to life, shape messages, pour them into stories and deliver them at the right touchpoints. In a world full of brands, we make your brand stand out in a memorable way.

Websites & Applications


Backend (WordPress, TYPO3, Magnolia or Webflow) and frontend development based on interaction concept and design specifications.

UX Optimization

Analysis of the overall user experience as well as recommendation of measures for optimization to increase existing qualitative or quantitative KPIs.

User Interface Design

Design of digital user interfaces and interface components in consideration of various aspects such as user-friendliness and aesthetics.

User Experience Design

Structuring of the informational content, definition of content areas, and design of navigation paths and search options.

Interaction Concept

Content, functional and technical guidance on the dialogue between users and touchpoint in consideration of user and business goals.

From information architecture to e-commerce: We understand requirements and needs, give structure to content, craft interactions, design user experiences and translate them into an aesthetic user interface. All to create impactful digital spaces.

We're passionate about communication

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From MP4 to DIN A4, we think in all formats, sizes and directions. A more detailed agency presentation including cases can be downloaded here as a PDF:

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