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The website relaunch of Austria's largest online tea shop
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Freshly brewed: Austria's largest tea online shop is live.

Why the launch of Demmers Teehaus' new online shop (almost) feels like a tea ceremony.

Freshly brewed: Austria's largest tea online shop is live.

During the Corona pandemic, many companies came to the conclusion that they had to expand their online activities. Demmers Teehaus did not think twice and, together with digitalwerk, took an important step and implemented and launched the largest online tea shop in Austria: Before that, there was already a shop on an old system, but its customer experience was no longer up to date. Revising it would not have been effective, which is why a new launch was the logical solution. Demmers Tee-Shop is more than just an online shop. It is pure tea and enjoyment expertise - digitally and user-friendly.
The home page of the new Demmers Teehaus website

What makes us different from other online shops?

1. The product is hero

The focus was primarily on the presentation of the tea blends, the tea herbs, the consistency and the description of the taste. Just like a good wine or coffee. Packaging and price tended to take a back seat. Demmers Teehaus is not Amazon, where users search and buy in detail. Rather, the online tea shop is meant to invite users to browse, read and taste. Including temperature and brewing time.

2. Tea competence as content hub and know-how transfer

Together with Demmers Teehaus, we wanted to transfer the knowledge about tea from the real shop to the online shop. So that users can find everything they ever wanted to know about tea - from its origin and preparation to varieties, recipes and applications in (traditional Chinese) medicine. The whole thing is rounded off with tips from nutrition advisors.

3. UX, UX, UX - what else?

Why are almost all online shops confusing and small? And why do you always need too many clicks to get to the shopping basket or back? Even large coffee capsule manufacturers make these mistakes with regard to the user experience. This is definitely not a fun way to shop. In 2021, a good online shop must also function perfectly on mobile devices - without an app. It needs a clear navigation concept, a structured product range, a clear check-out and a quick change to the shopping cart. In addition, a uniform visual and typo concept, smart cards and a uniform CTA logic would not go amiss.

4. Next Steps

After successful implementation and testing of the tracking for performance, we continuously optimize the online tea shop. In parallel, we run social media campaigns (e.g. for the Day of Tea). Here, too, we rely on ongoing optimization as well as retargeting options. Then there is newsletter marketing and ongoing SEO measures waiting for us. With an average e-commerce conversion rate of over 9 % instead of the industry-standard 2.37 %, we are already doing very well and hope to improve even further.

Product and detail pages of the new website of Demmers Teehaus


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