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Vincent Helmus

Account Manager

Philipp Aschauer

Account Director

Lena Keck

Visual Designer

Rosa Zappella

Creative Concepter & Copywriter

Christopher Röder

Chief Executive Officer

Paula Perle

Account Manager


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Theresia Aschauer

Account Manager

Sarah König

Social Media Content Creator

Nicole Mimra

Account Manager

Laura Fritsch

Office Management

Anna Benda

Creative Director

Sebastian Peneder

New Business Director

Dorian Kopez

Chief Information Officer

Stefanie Schönlieb

Account Director

Mariella Greiml

UX Director

Victoria Kozich

Visual Design

Mike Gattereder

Chief Executive Officer

Michaela Pleiner

Account Manager

Tanja Keglić

Performance Marketing Manager

Natalie Geider

Account Manager (in Karenz)

Leoni Rosa Rosen

Social Media Specialist

Raphael Berthold

Art Director

Christoph Hössl

Account Director

Patrick Butterer

Technical Consultant

Stephanie Hacker

Account Manager

Verena Kaufmann

Office Management

We create, design and shape. Creativity is at the core of our being – strategic thinking is our aspiration. A genuine, meaningful and light-footed conversation between human and brand, between client and us – that is our concept.

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