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A fast lane for travellers: UI optimizations for ASFiNAG

About the Case

ASFiNAG (Autobahnen- und Schnellstraßen-Finanzierungs-Aktiengesellschaft) is your reliable partner on Austria's freeways. By designing a new user interface, we were able to sustainably increase the usability of over 75 ASFiNAG vending machines and contribute to getting quite literally a new software for the digital points of sale on the road.


The goal of the collaboration was to make the digital products of ASFiNAG more accessible through a new user interface and to optimize the purchase process by reducing the time to completion. In addition, the newly designed application interface was to be implemented in multiple languages (selection of more than 10 languages) and include a scalable integration option for future products.


The starting point of the collaboration was a workshop to optimize the current user interface, which resulted in a variety of ideas that were graphically mapped out in wireframes in coordination with the sales and service department of ASFiNAG.

Before programming, user testing of the design templates was carried out. The three most common use cases were tested in particular: the purchase of an Austrian and Slovenian vignette, as well as the purchase of a ticket for one of the six special toll routes in Austria. These use cases were carried out by means of clickable prototypes, and the results were used to derive optimizations before the roll-out.


UX Optimization
User Experience Design
User Interface Design

"With the experts from digitalwerk, we were able to make the user interface on more than 90 physical DIVI vending machines even more user-friendly. One highlight during the project was the creation of a high-fidelity prototype using the Axure tool. With the help of this prototype, the new user interface could be tested with real users before the actual development, with the aim of further optimization before the actual rollout."

Mario Marsam

Sales Team Lead

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