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Sun-Rise Photovoltaik
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Berlin solar technology meets innovative web launch

About the Case

Sun-Rise Photovoltaik GmbH, the premium photovoltaic company from Berlin, stands for modern solar technology and technical excellence. With a wide range of services - from configuration to installation of intelligent photovoltaic systems - Sun-Rise places special emphasis on modern design and advanced inverter and storage technologies. The website launch with Webflow marks the beginning of their market conquest. A project we were proud to support and implement.


The real challenge was to bring a brand world for to life in the digital space in the shortest possible time. Our goal was to present the benefits of solar technology in a simple and understandable way and to extend this through a digital magazine. In doing so, it was important to us to create a dynamic and interactive user experience. We achieved this through the use of numerous Lottie-animations that are not only visually appealing, but also technically optimized. Despite the complexity and high level of animations, we were able to ensure that the website remains performant and serves as a benchmark in its sector.


Although we were provided with the basics of Sun-Rise's brand world, the challenge was to precisely define these elements for the web presence and translate them into a production-ready form. Not only did we optimize the visual branding elements, but we also adjusted colors and other design aspects to showcast them digitally in the best possible way. Through animations and illustrations, we brought these elements to life on the website and created a coherent, engaging user experience. In terms of information architecture, we developed a lean and modular structure that allows users to intuitively navigate through the website and quickly find the information they need. For the technical implementation, we rely on the low-code CMS Webflow. As an expert agency for Webflow, we were able to efficiently integrate new modules without having to deal with complex database or CMS management. The flexibility of Webflow allowed us to design the website with future extensions in mind. Another highlight was the integration of a solar calculator, which complements the user experience and underlines the character of the website as a lead generation platform.


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