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Bewusst Haushalten
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Baked to perfection: The relaunch of Bewusst Haushalten

About the Case

With the relaunch of "Bewusst Haushalten", we didn't just want to give the platform a modern look: When redesigning the website, we also focused on a clear user journey and an optimized SEO strategy to effectively present the extensive content hub and guide to modern household appliances. By optimizing the appliance advice guide and providing intuitive access to content, we have significantly improved the user experience. The innovations enable faster and easier access to relevant information and strengthen the online presence of "Bewusst Haushalten".


The main challenge was to renew a very outdated WordPress backend that had undergone numerous optimizations and revisions over the past seven years. The outdated solutions and the volume of code had slowed down the site and severely impacted our SEO performance.


Within a tight budget, we were able to find a technical solution that allowed us to fundamentally rebuild a completely optimized site. With the decision in favor of Webflow as the development platform, we were able to implement innovative design solutions SEO performance could be optimized at the same time. The flexibility and stability of Webflow seamless integration of different content categories into a coherent user experience. user experience. The platform helped us to make the web presence of "modern and accessible without compromising on performance or search engine optimization. performance or search engine optimization and thus be technically up to date. state of the art.

With No-Code, we have our finger on the pulse of the times and have created the ideal conditions to take a big step forward in terms of SEO. The user experience has also been significantly optimized: The numerous facts and useful information about household appliances are now are now presented in an appetizing way instead of being hidden away in convoluted pages as before. hidden in nested pages.


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"With the relaunch of our knowledge platform, we were able to fundamentally improve the way our users can interact with our content. Our long-standing partnership with digitalwerk and their expertise were crucial in choosing the progressive, technical solution of Webflow. This solution will enable us to react quickly and effectively to market changes in the future. With the launch, we have massively improved our website performance and realised our vision of a modern and efficient platform both technically and visually."

Mag. (FH) Natalie Maranda

Senior Consultant, FEEI Management-Service GmbH

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