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Illustration of the Black Friday Campaign for Bosch Home
Bosch Hausgeräte
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365 days of Black Friday: This is how Social Commerce is done

About the Case

This case shows us why every day should be Black Friday. Bosch Hausgeräte is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative household appliances. In addition to various product launch and focuscampaigns, we designed a year-round always-on campaign that gave a strong boost to digital direct sales.


Sales offensives and events such as summer sales, Black Friday or Cyber Monday are fixed starters in the marketing calendar and are anticipated by customers well in advance. The fact is, however, that household appliances are always in demand - regardless of whether or not a special discount campaign is taking place. So how can Bosch products be digitally showcased all year round with a performance campaign - as if every day is Black Friday?‍


While the results of our Black Friday campaign are certainly respectable (ROAS: 5.26), a direct comparison shows that year-round social commerce campaigns also boost direct sales in both online store and on-site (ROAS: 2.86). The cornerstone of a successful year-round performance campaign that captures the interest of the target group is, above all, a sound creative concept and campaign strategy: It must be variable enough to show a range of products and USPs. Therefore, by using intelligent subjects, data points are collected that allow specific offers to be efficiently delivered to the appropriate prospects. Accompanied by a strategy tailored to the target group and campaign goals and finely woven into ad technology, geo and affinity targeting, maximum relevance can be created for target groups, which in turn rewards customers with conversions at the PoS and in the online store.


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