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Austrian Power Grid
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Digital presence on high voltage

About the Case

Austrian Power Grid (APG) is Austria's independent electricity grid operator, which controls and is responsible for the supra-regional electricity transmission grid. APG's infrastructure secures Austria's power supply and is thus the lifeline of Austria, its population and its companies. The capacities of APG's power grid and the application of state-of-the-art technologies are the prerequisite for a sustainable, secure power supply in Austria, the achievement of climate and energy targets, and the increasing electrification of society, business and industry. Together with APG, we have brought the digital presence of the power grid operator up to high voltage.


With the use of 360-degree communication tools - from stakeholder newsletters to specific project websites and a social media presence - APG focuses on absolute customer orientation in all areas of communication. As an agile implementation partner of APG, the challenge was not only to renew the website, but also to develop it as a central communication and positioning channel in the future and, in addition, to position APG as an attractive employer by redesigning the career section. The goal of the website relaunch was to establish a future-proof and security-tested system landscape - in order to further sharpen the focus on digital communication.


To strengthen the digital presence, the implementation relied on a headless CMS as the central control center for content as well as a data asset management system (DAM) to manage the image and video material, which supports the work of APG's communications department in particular. A special feature of the result in the design process is the immersive header of the start page, which focuses on APG's advantages through videos with clear call-to-actions. Likewise, infoscreens and apps were also used as distribution channels that provide valuable information: For example, the Powermonitor visualizes the current loads on the Austrian electricity system, calculates peak load times, and thus ultimately offers users orientation in times of energy crisis. In addition to data protection-compliant tracking by Matomo for analyzing user behavior on the website, the entire content of the website was also prepared in a search engine-optimized manner in order to make information about APG and the Austrian electricity grid easily accessible to users.


Communication Strategy
Interaction Concept
User Interface Design
UX Optimization

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