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Digitale Mediensysteme
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Digital brand refresh for unique hybrid experiences

About the Case

As one of the leading digitization partners for retail operations, Digitale Mediensysteme, or DMS for short, offers a wide range of solutions in the areas of (smart) digital signage, retail & location analytics, and live shopping. Together with DMS, we breathed new life into the brand in a comprehensive brand refresh.‍


The goal of the re-branding was a fundamental visual relaunch of the DMS brand, which was to be reflected not only in the website relaunch but also in a new corporate design. The central challenge was to represent the technical expertise of DMS and its people-oriented approach to work and implementation in an emotional new appearance.


DMS creates wow experiences by extending physical spaces with digital applications. Just as diverse as these solutions are the places where they are used. So we were wondering: "What if DMS's new logo represented this diversity of spaces and their complexity in their simplest form, the floor plan?" Based on DMS's brand vision, the guiding idea for the logo emerged, which manifested itself in a maximally scalable logo with high recognition value. Alluding to floor plans of a wide variety of spaces, the logo is brought to life by bold, friendly and warm colors paired with a humanistic font family.‍


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