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One central point of contact for all matters.

About the case

Together with BONUS Pensionskassen AG and Concisa Vorsorgeberatung und Management AG, BONUS Vorsorgekasse AG (BONUS for short) constitutes a center of competence in the field of occupational pension provision.


With the assignment of a new self-service portal, BONUS intends to further expand its customer service and to offer customers of the severance pay fund, pension fund, the federal pension fund and the bar association a centralized point of contact for all matters relating to the field of occupational pension provision


To make the self-service portal as versatile and accessible as possible, both client-specific requirements as well as basic functions for automating requests, such as submitting queries, viewing relevant documents, or communication functions to replace e-mail communication, had to be met. Taking into account all the requirements of relevant target groups, the aim was to build a performant infrastructure that could be tailored to individual needs.


Following the assessment of all requirements in an in-depth analysis phase, the implementation of the desired functions was continuously reviewed in several usability tests in accordance with the 'user-centered design' approach. In this way, feedback could be obtained from relevant target groups prior to the start of development. As a result, the online portal could be tailored to the needs of the target persons. Special attention was paid to the security and server infrastructure, as well as the handling of several terabytes of data and documents.


Interaction Concept
User Interface Design
UX Optimization

"A broad range of different user groups and user requirements exist for the numerous clients of the BONUS/Concisa Group. The online self-service portal will further increase the quality of customer service and make standard processes even more efficient. The portal was designed for several areas, such as the provident fund, pension fund, federal pension fund and the bar associations. The basis for this is a modular system - both graphically and technically. Numerous basic functions are available across all portals."

Bernhard Wurzinger

Bernhard Wurzinger, authorized signatory, Head of Administration and former project manager at the launch of the portal

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