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Tablet and mobile mockups of the ruefa early bird travel campaign
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About the Case

To open the early booking season and mobilize people already in the winter months, Ruefa needed a new communicative approach. Especially now, when travel activity is back at the same level as before the pandemic, this opportunity should be seized early.  

With a multi-channel campaign, we guide the target group from the inspiration phase through planning to booking and position Ruefa as a service champion and partner when it's time for vacation feelings again.

Our creative concept was implemented in close cooperation with the creative services of the tourist office for various formats from social media to OOH, cinema and radio.


A focus has already been set in a jointly developed communication strategy: the intentions of the target group should be at the forefront of communication - while a focus on different destinations should only take place in a later funnel step. The early booking campaign also had to be designed according to this strategy.  

At the same time, a message had to be found that was not only suitable for this early advertising, but also for communicating offers closer to the summer and could be easily adapted if necessary.


Vacation planning is rarely something rational - on the contrary: emotions are the top triggers for deciding on a vacation, a destination and not least a travel provider. They are often triggered by sounds, smells and tastes that suddenly put us right back in the middle of the vacation moment. The moment when you can already see the sea, feel the sand between your toes, your skin smells of sun cream and the air smells of calamari.    

These moments with "everyone knows it" potential form the core of our idea and were packaged by us in such a way that they work on all channels. From POS, social media to OOH, radio, video on demand and cinema - let's answer the Coco-Coco-Bello call and book vacations with Ruefa.


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The result of the early bird campaign is a well thought-out and cost-optimized user journey funnel. Compared to the previous year 2022/23, these are the results:  

  • 70% cost savings in the DREAM phase thanks to fast storytelling and high relevance of the message in new meta placements.
  • Costs of landing page views were reduced by 80% with target group-specific premium travel messages and further A/B tests.
  • Destination-based BOOK ads halved the cost-per-booking.

"With its emotional appeal and iconic vacation moments, Digitalwerk's campaign idea hit the mark. It evoked authentic vacation feelings and positioned Ruefa as the ideal partner for the time when it's 'time for vacation feelings' again. Above all, this approach strengthened our strategy of transporting our customers to their vacation in their minds. With the right choice of channel, we succeeded in conveying the campaign idea via crisp social ads and radio, right through to epic cinema spots."

Andreas Kraus


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