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A relaunch on the web for innovation on the road

About the Case

Subaru Austria, part of Subaru Europe, focuses on innovation. The goal by mid-2030: the electrification of all models. As a trustworthy partner, Subaru not only supplies safe vehicles, but also strives to give every customer a smile. This individual approach appeals to a diverse target group. And with the slogan "100% all-wheel drive. 0% mainstream." Subaru also consciously sets itself apart from the current trends.


Subaru Austria wanted to expand its electromobility communication - also to appeal to a younger target group. The global brand values were also to be anchored even more firmly in the Austrian market. The challenge here was to communicate technological innovations and build an emotional connection. A special focus should be placed on the website. Not only as an instrument for customer loyalty, but also to convincingly present Subaru as a trustworthy and innovative player in the electric mobility sector.


Our website relaunch focuses on the new chapter of electromobility as an innovative further development of the brand. The design emphasizes Subaru's individuality and the wide range of technical solutions - this strengthens trust in the brand. In phase two, so-called "owner stories" are planned, which will bring the driving experience to life with a focus on the people and their stories. Our approach was also "e-mobility first": with the "EV switch", the website makes it easy to exclude content about combustion engines and filter for electric motor stories. The result: Subaru effectively positions itself as an innovative electric mobility niche brand, especially for a younger target group. younger target group.


User Interface Design
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Our website relaunch with digitalwerk was a complete success. The team thoroughly understood our focus on user experience and content and managed to create an even more appealing online experience for our customers.

Patrizia Frei, B.A.

Marketing Assistant Manager

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