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A collection of mockups of the new homepage for Zurück zum Ursprung
Zurück zum Ursprung
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A website relaunch that goes deeper.

About the Case

HOFER's own brand Zurück zum Ursprung is considered a pioneer in the organic food industry and focuses its communication on the topics of sustainability, regionality and transparency with its unique concept of traceability. A strong brand pledge that we digitally brought to life.

With a comprehensive facelift, we introduce a new categorization and show with the help of the innovative origin finder, detailed product information and exciting stories what BIO looks like going forward. But that's not all - together we are setting new standards for the entire digital brand presence.


It quickly became clear that the core of the new website should be the USP of Zurück zum Ursprung: transparency and traceability. So how can this batch-specific information on the origin of the products be integrated into the website in a simple and appealing way and closely intertwined with a storytelling approach?

As part of the website relaunch, we were also asked to modernize and unify the entire digital branding.


The traceability is integrated directly on the new website via product scan. In this way, the user is immersed in the stories of the farmers and regions. The exact processors and the complete product test protocol can also be accessed. Countless product data are retrieved via different APIs and prepared in a user-friendly way in the frontend. In addition, a blog with stories about the brand, a dedicated recipe world and the extensive baby world provide inspiration.

When revising the other channels, we also placed particular emphasis on presenting the sustainability models. The result: a digital playbook - the heart of a transparent content strategy for all digital channels, from social media to newsletter marketing to website - including best practice ideas and design templates.


Creative Concept
Interaction Concept
User Interface Design
Content Strategy
Social Media

That was just the beginning

Another highlight in the partnership cooperation was the current "DER URSPRUNGSBAUER" campaign. Working alongside Stoff und Hektar, we were able to cover the conceptual expansion and ad management for the social media channels.

As part of the website relaunch, the entire digital brand management, including all online channels, was modernized and standardized. Great emphasis was placed on a clear presentation of the sustainability models and intuitive use of product traceability.

Nora Novak

Head of Communication, Zurück zum Ursprung​ Werner Lampert GmbH​

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