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Employer branding is not just pretty packaging

At least not only. If you do it right, you'll also enjoy lower recruiting costs, more efficient and effective communication and, above all, more qualified applicants.

Employer branding is not just pretty packaging

Creating a successful employer brand requires more than a creative idea, appealing visuals and the use of popular buzzwords. What really makes a good employer brand and how you still manage to take the aforementioned with you is the conclusion to an employer branding or recruiting campaign on your own behalf.

Last year, we were pleased with the impressive growth of our team. We have not only grown in terms of numbers - our new talents are an enrichment for digitalwerk with their ideas, personalities and competences. But because it was clear to us that we would not get such people with classic job advertisements and because we had a lot to say, 08/15 career portals seemed insufficient. We didn't just want to communicate jobs - but our values, philosophy, way of working and thinking. In short: we wanted to make our employer brand tangible. And we have been working hard on this over the last few months. Because if one thing was clear to us, it was that our New Work model and promise (no all-in, no compulsory attendance, but flexible hours and flextime, etc.) pays a great deal into a modern corporate culture and thus into successful employer branding - because it builds on one of the strongest benefits for employees: Flexibility, freedom and thus life-work balance.

Homepage of the digitalwerk&you employer branding website

Corporate Culture and New Work as base

It seems like everyone is claiming this at the moment - but unfortunately, for many, it's nothing more than the clever use of buzzwords. Only those who are serious about the promised benefits and establish them in the company out of deep conviction, not out of a trend, will be rewarded in the long term. A modern and flexible corporate culture increases employer attractiveness, brings motivated, qualified employees, lowers the costs of job postings and reduces fluctuation. As with any brand, however, the same applies to the employer brand: without transparent communication and an appealing, creative image, it will not stand out.

That's exactly why we launched a major employer branding or recruiting campaign in the fall of 2021. And when we say big, we mean the size of the message, the impact and the success - but not the media budget:

20,000 page visits, 1400 visitors, over 50 applications, 2 minutes spent on the page, 70% mobile - 30% desktop usage. And the most important KPI: 4 out of 5 positions are filled, the ink is dry, and it's already impossible to imagine digitalwerk without these fabulous people. And that wasn't all, we were also happy to receive the following awards: Site of the day at the CSS Design Awards as well as an Honorable Mention at Awwwards.

Features of the digitalwerk&you employer branding website

And, we did it without spending a dime on the usual "old" career platforms. Instead, we invested a fraction of the budget of past recruiting campaigns in social media ads and owned media, and created a new, sustainable, meaningful implementation with our own employer branding website. With an end-to-end content and visual idea that's really snazzy.

"You" at the center of the idea

As with everything we do, the focus of this campaign was on people. Those who are already part of digitalwerk and those who will be in the future. It wasn't just about hard skills - the focus was much more on soft skills and mindset. Because these are what distinguish us as an employer brand and are reflected in everything we do.

This idea is reflected in the content, tailored to the target groups, in all texts from the headline concept to all copies, in a personalized application form, in the videos that form the centerpiece, in a very approachable and edgy illustration style and - a bit more abstract - in the visualizations of the concrete job descriptions. All of this paints not only a casual, but above all an authentic, picture of digitalwerk and what makes us tick here - and helps us find exactly the people we are looking for and with whom the chemistry is right on both sides.

Find out more on our Employer Branding Website, on Instagram as well as LinkedIn.

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits – why it's worth it:

Freedom, flexibility, trust, responsibility - these are all deeply embedded in our DNA. But we don't just want to strengthen digitalwerk as an employer brand - we want to inspire an entire industry to rethink. An industry in which the long-established players still rely on all-in contracts and agency presence. And quite honestly, a flexible New Work model is not only lived to offer employees a better quality of life, because the whole thing is not entirely altruistic. Times change, the realities of life change, and with them attitudes. First and foremost, attitudes toward work. Employees want and demand to be actively involved in shaping their work. In addition, the hours worked are moving into the background, and what counts is the outcome - regardless of the place of work or the working hours. Anyone who shies away from this change will find it difficult to recruit or retain qualified employees in the long term. Because employees who have a choice will opt for a life-work balance.

Finally, here are the most important KPIs. We are delighted that our campaign has brought us together with these fabulous people.

Florian Wejrowsky (Account Management) and Katharina Franz (Digital Marketing Management)
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