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Our new claim Digital by Default
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That is our new claim. One that actually doesn't quite do justice to this designation.

Our new claim: Digital by Default

You can call "Digital by Default" our new claim. But actually, there is much more behind it. A way of working – or even more. A credo, a way of thinking and living. One that is deeply rooted in our DNA and always has been.

As a digital agency, our goal is of course to exceed our clients’ marketing goals through the intelligent use of digital marketing. Alongside, we develop, design and produce exceptional content, experiences and campaigns on a daily basis.

However, the focus is not only on our clients’ goals, but above all on the user. In line with our user-centered approach, we design and develop in such a user-friendly and intuitive way that digital becomes the preferred place where people turn to. In this way, we help our clients thrive in an ever-changing digital world and compete against strong competition. With compelling ideas and implementations that we think digital by default.

Why is that? For us, digital is not something we have to think our way into first, not something you have on top, not an add-on, not a nice-to-have. For us, digital is not the last resort in an emergency situation, as it has been for many since the spread of the coronavirus. We can tread digital paths with confidence and as a matter of course because digital has been our default value throughout our lives.

This is not only reflected in the history of our agency and in our work, but also in the many tools we use to digitalize and simplify our daily agency life and especially in every single digitalwerk employee. This concept, this way of thinking, working and living is deeply rooted in our DNA. We are Digital by Default.

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But we go one step further. Digital by Default not only describes the concept we live by. Rather, it also describes the goal of a path on which we accompany our clients and partners – because at the end of the transformation process, they too can call themselves Digital by Default.

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Leading the way to a digital future

One thing should be clear by now: Those who still act according to the "digital by emergency" principle will not be able to withstand digital competition. Corona has made us drastically aware of what experts predicted anyway: Those who ignore digital change will sooner or later cease to exist.

It is no coincidence that our logo is reminiscent of a crosswalk. Times are uncertain, digitalization still a challenge. We lead our partners & customers into a digital future in a pioneering and targeted manner. We would be happy to walk a part of the way with you as well – just get in touch for a no-obligation conversation and see for yourself. You'll never walk alone.

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