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Highest standards for outstanding customer care

As a center of competence in the field of occupational pension provisions, we have joined forces with BONUS Vorsorgekasse AG to design a sophisticated service hub for fulfilling sophisticated customer requests.

Highest standards for outstanding customer care

Together with BONUS Pensionskassen AG and Concisa Vorsorgeberatung und Management AG, BONUS Vorsorgekasse AG (BONUS for short) constitutes a center of competence in the field of occupational pension provision. The three companies have - in personnel union - legal, mathematical and conceptual specialists in the area of company pension schemes, but also flexible management applications and administrative resources, which guarantee the best possible fulfillment of customer requirements. BONUS Vorsorgekasse AG, founded in September 2002, manages the severance pay scheme „new".

One central point of contact for all matters. 

In the future, BONUS operates an online portal that will serve customers as a self-service center. The portal is intended to increase customer service and automate standardized business transactions. Users will be able to access current account balances and relevant documents (such as account messages, assessment reports, etc.) online at any time. While applications can be processed and submitted directly in the portal, a messaging function will also replace e-mail communication in the future. With the help of this function, the course of communication with BONUS customer service will be collected and made transparent for customers in the portal. Moreover, the portal is to be designed for specific clients and made accessible to several areas, such as the pension fund, the federal pension fund or the bar association. Consequently, the structure of the self-service center and the basic functions will be available across the portal. In order to achieve the highest possible synergy, the goal is always to design the system as comprehensively as possible.

Highest standards for outstanding customer care 

The project was kicked off by an in-depth analysis phase lasting several months, during which all requirements were gathered, ranging from employee pension plans to the bar association. Early on in the conception phase, the 'user-centered design' approach was adopted to ensure the highest possible usability.

A highlight of this project was the definition and creation of the server infrastructure, as well as the handling of the several terabytes of documents that are imported via JSON on a daily basis. During the design phase, several usability tests were carried out to test the core functions and gather user feedback before the launch. In terms of design, great attention was paid to accessibility to make the portal as accessible as possible by considering factors such as adequate color contrast, font sizes and other factors.

The security of sensitive user data in the online portal is of highest priority for BONUS. The server setup has therefore been chosen in such a way that access to the server architecture is only possible via the BONUS network and cannot be accessed from outside. To ensure this, BONUS regularly carries out security tests to identify potential security gaps and to eliminate them if they exist. All servers are located within Austria and use redundant data backup, ensuring 99.5% server availability. The hoster was chosen according to ISO27001:2013 certification. 

For the compilation of usage statistics of the online portal the tool Matomo was decided to be used which is also hosted on the server infrastructure of BONUS. This ensures that this data is not passed on to third parties. The users of the portal can choose for themselves whether they agree to tracking or not. The solution is thus implemented in compliance with the GDPR requirements. The technical implementation is based on open-source technologies, such as Linux, Nginx, PHP (Laravel Framework), MySQL and Vue.js (NuxtJS Framework). Prior to the go-live of the first portal, an extensive security review was conducted, which identified critical code points.

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