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The in-house digital livestreaming studio of digitalwerk
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The perfect presentation in a virtual meeting? From now on live from your own or our digital studio.

Livestreaming in the digital studio

In 2020, a lot of things changed – especially the mode of communication in our day-to-day work and, hand in hand with that, the culture of communication. Because we had enough of the classic "Do you understand me? Do you see my screen?" video call questions, we built a live studio that enables live streaming with seamless integration of videos and presentations.
The equipment in the digitalwerk livestreaming studio

The new communication cultures

In spring of 2020, important meetings were swapped for Zoom or Team meetings, and we were all more than happy that these brought us closer together, at least virtually. In many places, however, they also posed quite a challenge for IT which demanded quick action. Companies that were already well on their way in terms of digitization and collaboration solutions before Corona were in a comparatively good position as employees could continue to keep processes running in close collaboration even from the home office.

But this development was only a first, tentative step on the road to modern, digital collaboration. The last few months have led to a change in thinking. As a result, home office, flexible work models and digital solutions are advancing with more tailwind than before. As organizations expand or offer home offices to their employees, companies using live video are revolutionizing their communications strategy. Consequently, companies need to take their technical equipment to the next level to be ready for the future.

Put an end to unprofessional video calls

And that's where our digital studio comes in. Whether it's a website, store, campaign, or working conditions - what counts for us is the optimal experience. And we also succeed in this with virtual meetings, presentations, workshops, pitches and lectures: Our agency's own livestreaming studio designed, ordered and set up together with our motion team within a week by our CIO. In addition to seamless integration of PowerPoint, Keynote and videos, our goal was to create a setting that could be online in minutes and operated independently by two people without the need for sound or technical professionals.

Because our digital studio has received a great response in recent weeks, we are now offering this compelling setting to our clients. Our fully equipped digital studio in our office at Getreidemarkt 1 in Vienna can now be rented for your livestreaming. In us, you will also find an implementation partner for your own digital studio, which we will design, order and set up in your company according to your requirements.

The key features of our digital studio

  • Camera tower with Sony A6400 incl. 16-50mm lens and 2 preview monitors
  • Rode wireless microphones
  • Apple MacBook Pro as streaming computer
  • Video and audio mixer: Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro
  • Live content creation controller: Elgato Stream Deck
  • Jabra in-ear headphones
  • Green screen with fixed lighting

Why livestreaming?

There are a number of use cases for livestreaming that professional organizations should consider. Let's start small - we're not talking about live events for millions of viewers. So what makes sense in terms of content and technology?

Live video for quarterly reports & annual reviews

Forget expensive events and buffet costs - we'll efficiently broadcast your key performance indicator presentations and executive speeches in coordination with the IR department.

Livestreaming for corporate events & training

Training and education for remote team members or dealers (e.g. automotive industry). Traveling to your training center is costly and time-consuming. With a private live stream, executives stay connected with remote offices of your organization.

Livestreaming for pitches and workshops

A pitch or client workshop is a great way to demonstrate "thought leadership" in your industry in a high-quality way.

Other suitable event formats:

  • Panel discussion
  • Lecture
  • General meeting
  • Customer event
  • Product launch
  • PR event
  • Press Conference
  • Trainings and webinars
  • Virtual booth

Leave a lasting impression

Leave a lasting impression on your audience with your live performance thanks to interactive tools and dramaturgical means. We look forward to a non-binding inquiry and a short tour in our digital studio - in person or virtually.

Let’s get physical, or keep it digital:
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