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Revolution by No-Code: The future of web development with Webflow

Originally ridiculed as a toy for designers, Webflow has developed into a powerful tool and is now revolutionizing the digital cosmos.

Revolution by No-Code: The future of web development with Webflow

A true upheaval is shaking the world of web development, driven by the emerging no-code movement. At digitalwerk, we are proud to be one of the first agencies in Austria to be certified as a Webflow Expert agency. Our heart beats for no-code and we are committed to pioneering systems that completely redefine web development.

Originally ridiculed as a toy for designers, Webflow has evolved into a powerful tool and is now revolutionizing the digital cosmos. With its speed, refreshing design approaches and reduced maintenance, it offers evolutionary advances that can no longer be ignored. Find out here what Webflow is, where we see advantages and room for improvement and why we are already using it for clients.

Joining the Webflow Expert Program was a natural and logical step for us. We are proud to be able to position ourselves as a pioneer in Austria with the expert certification and our own Webflow team and to drive this transformative technology forward. Our project pipeline is full to bursting and our team is currently working on a number of Webflow projects in various sectors and industries. At the same time, we are also continuing to grow our presence in the enterprise segment.

"Webflow not only attracts designers, but also companies that want to manage their website internally - that makes it particularly attractive. Thanks to the user-friendly editor interface and the content management system (CMS), employees can quickly adapt, exchange and expand content without any prior technical knowledge. Companies such as Discord and TED have been using Webflow for some time to efficiently maintain their web presence and strengthen customer loyalty at the same time."

– Lena Keck, Visual Design & No-Code Developer

With Webflow's latest updates on the Webflow Conference and localization functionalities, we look forward to a bright future for the platform and our customers.

As Art Director, I see immense benefits that implementing no-code visual development brings to our clients. An improved user experience can lead to stronger business metrics, increased customer loyalty and increased conversion rates. It's an investment that shifts quality standards without compromising time-to-market - a strategic domino effect."

– Raphael Berthold, Art Director

As a certified Webflow agency, our dedicated team is happy to visualize, animate and test ideas and concepts quickly. Changes are made seamlessly, checked visually and technically and go live almost immediately. With this impressive performance, we can strive for peak performance at all times without the time constraints and long development cycles of traditional workflows and cumbersome update mechanisms.

We are in a time of change. The era in which knowledge of programming, design and development was reserved for a few and locked away in silos is coming to an end. The holistic orchestration of different disciplines and the efficient creation and communication of emotions, personal connections and experiences is becoming increasingly important. digitalwerk sees itself at the forefront of this new era of development - ready to shape the future.

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