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The new website of Zurück zum Ursprung
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Zurück zum Ursprung: A website relaunch that goes deeper.

Together with HOFER'S own organic brand "Zurück zum Ursprung“, we are setting new standards for their digital brand presence - across the digital vegetable patch.

Zurück zum Ursprung: A website relaunch that goes deeper.

Zurück zum Ursprung has been considered a pioneer in the organic food industry since the very beginning - long before sustainability has become a trend - and places the topics of sustainability, regionality and transparency in the focus of its communication with the unique concept of traceability. A strong brand pledge that digitalwerk digitally brings to life for the user. With a comprehensive facelift, we introduce a new categorization and demonstrate how organic, that goes deeper, looks like going forward with the help of the innovative origin finder, detailed product information and captivating stories.

Traceability: The core of the brand

How much organic is actually in organic? Zurück zum Ursprung provides consumers with batch-specific information on the origin of organic products. What previously only worked in a separate app solution now finds its home integrated directly on the new website via a scan function. Even without entering the detailed batch information, the user is immersed in the stories of the farmers and regions. By entering the specific batch code of the products, the exact processors as well as the complete product test protocol can be viewed in more detail. Countless product data are retrieved via different APIs and prepared in a user-friendly way in the frontend.

Mobile view of the traceability concept to scan product batch information

Getting to know the "people at the origin"

Expanding on the detailed information and tracing of the more than 450 organic products, the website also provides new perspectives on "the people at the origin“ – the farmers – and the individual regions. The blog invites you to " dwell" with stories about the brand and offers culinary inspiration with its own world of recipes. A large area is the very extensive "Zurück zum Ursprung Babywelt", which offers a wealth of information for parents, parents-to-be, and an exclusive specialist area for industry professionals.

The people at the origin from Zurück zum Ursprung

A consistent, modern and stringent design language across all channels

As part of the website relaunch, we were able to modernize and standardize the entire digital design language. Particular emphasis was placed on the comprehensible presentation of the sustainability models. In parallel, we developed a digital playbook - the core of a transparent strategy for all digital channels, from social media to newsletter marketing to the website. Derived from this, our design team created content design templates that enable the client's editorial team to produce content more efficiently. The newsletter - an important communication tool for the brand - was not only redesigned, but also optimized on a content level.

The playbook for digital brand management for Zurück zum Ursprung

Digital campaign support - as a sparring partner for always-on support all the way to the Styrian origin farmer

Parallel to the website relaunch, performance and SEO were also the focus of our work for Zurück zum Ursprung. Future campaign concepts include a detailed tracking and reporting concept. In addition to social media KPIs, we also continuously screen Google campaigns and optimize the website for SEO on an ongoing basis. With a clear increase in conversions and a reduction in CPC, we have already been able to celebrate initial successes. As a strategic sparring partner, we plan, analyze and optimize campaigns on an ongoing basis in order to achieve the jointly defined goals and constantly optimize them.

Another highlight in the partnership cooperation was the current "DER URSPRUNGSBAUER" campaign. Working alongside Stoff und Hektar, we were able to cover the conceptual expansion and ad management for the social media channels.

Moods to the "Ursprungsbauer" campaign

The "URSPRUNGSBAUER" campaign was successfully accompanied on YouTube with bumper & in-stream spots. The 100% video playback of the longplays was 61.57% - with a video runtime of approx. 20 minutes.

The best is yet to come

With the new digital appearance, a fresh visual concept for the brand and optimized campaigns, we have already been able to take the first important steps. Analogous to the brand claim of „Zurück zum Ursprung", we are pleased to continuously support the HOFER owned brand in their digital communication. I am personally looking forward to the very cooperative partnership on the part of the brand, especially with Nora Novak, Head of Communications Zurück zum Ursprung.

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