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digitalwerk is all about development and change - and we don't stop at ourselves. That's why we have not only realigned our strategic goals, but also our corporate structure. We are very pleased to announce that we have strengthened our creative department with a new position: Raphael Berthold will take on the role of Art Director with immediate effect.

Creative rise at digitalwerk

As Art Director, Raphael supports the top creation team that has been in place since 2020, and consolidates our high quality standards.

Anna, the Creative Director:

Over the past few months, we have been working intensively on ourselves and the digitalwerk brand. Not only on our external appearance, but also on the much more important part, the strategic foundation. Together with the brand consultants from petrichor, we have developed a comprehensive brand strategy. Not only C-level positions were involved, but all employees. This was particularly important to us - after all, we believe that every single person at digitalwerk can contribute valuable insights and ideas. Based on these insights, we have revised our corporate structure, among other things.

Strong leadership for even stronger creation

An important role in the new corporate structure is the position of the Art Director. With this newly created position, we are not only adding another instance of quality assurance, we are also taking an important step towards achieving our strategic goals in terms of positioning ourselves in the market as an agency with a pronounced strategic basis, a wide range of competencies and a strongly positioned outstanding creative team. The close collaboration between Raphael and me, in my position as CD, has resulted in numerous ideas and implementations that we are not only very proud of as an agency - but that also strengthen our decision to fill the role of AD with him.

Raphael, the Art Director:

To constantly develop, expand competencies, reinvent myself - that's what connects me to digitalwerk. Autodidacts don't have it easy. Especially in Austria, they navigate narrow career paths and bypass rigid requirement profiles. Immobile, black & white. However, experience shows that they display tireless motivation and grit to overcome these hurdles. With bravura and from inner drive. At digitalwerk, this confidence was given to me from the very beginning.

Here and now

Now, after about 4 years, I take on the role as Art Director. Under the creative direction of Creative Director Anna Benda, I am responsible for the visual output of the agency - from daily business to submission ideas. The new position supports the top creative team, which has been in place since 2020, and consolidates our high qualitative standards. The title is also intended to signal to our clients that they have found a competent partner in me, not only to make decisions on a conceptual and visual basis, but also to take new, bold paths. digitalwerk has already borne my signature for several years. I was allowed to take a leading role in the revision of the corporate design or the new website. The result not only manifests the newly defined brand, but also clearly shows my holistic vision for the face of the agency: bold and clear.

From a personal point of view

I'm glad to share that 13 years ago, I didn't really have a plan for where this journey would take me. When I was producing music videos, graphics & logos for friends and acquaintances, it wasn't about filling a certain position one day. I wanted to create output that not only the clients could identify with, but that I could be proud of.

The projects have become bigger, the tasks more complex. But nothing has changed in my attitude.
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