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The new New Business Director Sebastian Peneder
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With empathy and inquisitiveness to becoming the New Business Director.

On what the New Business Director position is all about, where we found the ideal person to fill it, what the ramp sow gene has to do with it, and what's in it for us - and more importantly - for our customers.

With empathy and inquisitiveness to becoming the New Business Director.

With an absolute expert in the field of Value Based Consulting we have positioned ourselves strongly for the future. We are pleased to be able to fill the strategically important position of New Business Director with Sebastian Peneder.

A lot has happened in the area of new business in the past few years. Not only are we growing - and with us the size of our customers and projects, which highlights the importance of an even clearer strategic orientation in the area of new customer acquisition and support - but also the demands and expectations of (potential) customers are growing and changing. A driving force behind this change is the issue of time, or rather its scarcity. Initial meetings and briefing appointments with potential new customers tend to be virtual and shorter than they were a few years ago. In this short time, there must be tangible added value for the customer in the form of new information and thought-provoking impulses. And beyond that - and ultimately this point carries the greatest weight in a client's decision for or against an agency - a relationship.

What it takes to become a New Business Director

This list of requirements, which is by no means exhaustive, gives rise to numerous challenges for those responsible for New Biz. The person must not only have extensive knowledge of various industries, markets and very specific customer needs, but also expert knowledge across our range of services - all of which must conveyed credibly and competently in the shortest possible time. In the same brief amount of time, one has to be creative, come up with initial solution proposals and - as if that weren't challenging enough - immediately lay the foundation for a flourishing relationship. Luckily, we have someone who can do all of that.

So it's only logical that we fill this position with Sebastian. Our new New Business Director is no stranger to digitalwerk. Sebastian, who we hold in high esteem and hails from the best white wine region in Austria, has already been impressing us since 2015 with his loyal, likeable manner and his mature ability to empathize. Added to this are his drinking strength, his Schmäh and the ramp sow gene that is always necessary for intensive customer contact. And because he not only ceases to amaze us with these qualities, but also numerous of our customers, his development from Senior Project Manager to Lead Business Operations Manager and Senior Account Manager to New Business Director comes as no surprise to anyone. The focus of his new role lies in the successful implementation of our new business strategy.

The four cornerstones of our New Business strategy

1. Account-based and customer-oriented

With Sebastian, our new customers can immediately experience the Value Based Selling or Consultative Selling practiced at digitalwerk. Instead of selling at any price, the focus is on the joint identification of needs and qualified, solution-oriented consulting at eye level. Not least due to the catalytic effect of the pandemic in the area of digital transformation processes, individual, needs-oriented consulting and a strong relationship of trust between client and agency are more important than ever.

2. Orientation towards future customer potential

We do not classically base the deployment of our sales resources on revenue - but on customer needs and future customer potential. Sales resources are strategically and specifically allocated where the greatest potential lies hidden.

3. Purposeful partnering approach as a competitive factor

We see a targeted partnering approach as a competitive factor for further growth, in line with the motto: from Know-How to Know-Who. The sustainable benefit from a partnership is important for both parties and especially for the customer.

4. National and international tendering

The good thing about public tenders is transparency and standardization. In theory, the same rules apply to everyone.

Voices from digitalwerk

What our Sebi has to say about it?

"My work is varied and diverse. I can make a lot of difference in this future-oriented field. You have to quickly empathize with customers, understand their challenges and needs from their point of view, and use your consulting expertise at the right time. In the pandemic, the need for a sense of humanness has also increased. I'm excited to bring that empathy and humanity to the sales process."

With his extensive consulting knowledge, which he was able to acquire as knowledge manager at Kapsch BusinessCom AG, thanks to international work experience in Ireland and Australia, as well as through his collaboration at digitalwerk with Semperit AG Holding, MM Group and Constantia Flexibles, Sebastian will position us even stronger with (potential) customers in the future and represent the digitalwerk way of thinking and working.

What digitalwerk has to say about it? We are simply proud that Sebi has been stirring up the customer landscape for many years with so much drive and empathy - empathy and emotional intelligence are important skill sets for this position. And: Mindset is what separates us from the rest.

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