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Anna Benda and Mariella Greiml as new dual leadership of digitalwerk creation
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New dual leadership for our creation team.

Our creative team is not only excited about new additions to the team, but also about new operational leadership with Anna Benda in the role of Creative Director.

New dual leadership for our creation team.

Oops, we did it again - another surprise. After all the corporate changes at digitalwerk in 2020, you'd think we'd sit back and rest now. But that's what it is like when you get the ball rolling - one good idea follows the next. So after the reorganization of the operational management, a complete redesign of our CI & CD, the introduction of a flexible working model that gives everyone more responsibility and freedom, we recently kicked off new developments again.

Even more creative power for digitalwerk

One of these developments is the expansion of the creative department: With a team of 9 from the areas of UI & UX Design, Text & Conception, Social Media as well as Video & Photo Production, we are extremely well positioned and can serve all of our clients' needs with creative solutions - and also continuously expand our offered creative services through new competencies.

Anna Benda has recently taken on the role of Creative Director and is responsible for the operational creative output of the agency. After a decade as a copywriter and conceptionist, she brings with her a strong conceptual background as well as a stylistically confident signature that will carry our work from now on.

In her position as Creative Director, she is responsible for the technical leadership and further development of the creative department as well as the quality assurance of the entire creative output. Mariella Greiml, Head of Creation, will continue to be responsible for the formal management and strategic direction of Creation, and will also be involved in the operational business in the area of UX consulting.

What the future holds for us

Speaking of the future. With our new operational management, our services for storytelling, content creation, branding and campaign conception are optimally positioned for the future. But we are not resting on our laurels. Because we know that a broad foundation of empirical and heuristic knowledge about user behavior close to the target group is the basis for any creative output. User experience is no longer just a buzzword, but an integral part of our strategies and concepts. As rapidly as technologies and trends develop, as unimaginably fast do usability standards change and new research findings and methods come to light. Therefore, the next logical step is to focus on the further development of our User Experience Department. We want to understand individual users even better, pick them up at relevant touchpoints and deliver strategically focused content. Because we know what we are doing - but never stop asking why.

With this strong dual leadership, we are certain that we have made another important decision for the future that will move us and, even more importantly, our customers forward.

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